«Металлоконструкции качественно и в срок»

TV traverse is a metal structure made for use in high-voltage power lines. Depending on their type, they carry out various functions. Modern manufacturers offer many variants of traverse TV brands – about 30 different names in total. All of them differ in appearance and the functionality assigned to them. But, in General, their main task is to fix the insulators on the supports of wires and other fittings, as well as create an air space between the individual wires of the power line.

Our company has highly qualified employees who contribute to the implementation of all stages of production in accordance with all the requirements of the regulations and the wishes of the customer.

 The TV traverse manufacturing process is a complete production cycle that includes:

 - designing and drawing up drawings,

- choice of material for manufacturing,

- assembly,

- check,

- installation of this metal structure.

- Before Assembly, all future parts of the traverse (metal corners, strips, pins, earrings, stripes, circles) are thoroughly cleaned of dirt and rust, and then polished. After that, it is time to protect the elements of the structure from the external environment, for this purpose, all parts are covered with zinc (the coating thickness is not less than 35 microns), special paints or lacquers.