Metal cutting


Rapid and high-quality cutting of sheet metal

The company "Metallopro North-West" offers private and corporate clients with professional services for cutting metal. Our technical base allows us to perform this process by laser and plasma methods, but many customers prefer a simple, but no less productive – the guillotine. With the help of a guillotine machine, we cut down sheet metal, rebar, and rolled metal. Our high-tech equipment allows you to work with sheets up to 2.5 cm thick. We have significant advantages! Production of individual strips of sheet metal, various metal parts of simple shapes and rectangular flat blanks today is most often carried out by cutting sheet metal with a guillotine. For a perfectly smooth cut when processing flat rolled products, metal cutting with a guillotine is used. The company "Metallopro North-West" offers guillotine cutting of sheet and some other types of metal reinforcement. This method allows you to perform a fairly accurate cutting of metal of large thickness in the longitudinal or transverse direction without losing the strength qualities of the resulting products.

Most importantly, cutting with a guillotine is the cheapest compared to laser or plasma machines. Although this equipment does not allow you to make parts of a complex configuration, when cutting sheet metal or bent profiles, the use of guillotine shears is fully justified. To remove the excess from the metal surface, cut the metal billet into pieces or cut holes in metal sheets, the metal is cut. Previously, such work was carried out manually, but today it is inefficient-modern metal-cutting equipment has significantly facilitated the process of cutting metal and increased the accuracy of manufacturing and quality of the processed parts. With the help of guillotine shears, blanks of simple geometric shapes are usually made. In addition, in such a simple manner is possible not only to cut sheet metal, but applied to the edges of the various notches, slots, grooves, etc. This method of metal processing is considered economical, because it reduces the cost of intermediate processing. Thus, the cost of the finished product is lower. We are ready to fulfill an order of any complexity and in a large volume. We have all the necessary equipment for cutting sheet metal (stainless steel, high-strength, alloy metal, etc.); metal Cutting is performed efficiently, reliably and in a short time. We have the most modern and reliable equipment that regularly passes inspection. Therefore, our equipment is always in good working and technical condition. The only drawback of guillotine cutting is the inability to produce complex shapes with small details, as does laser cutting. But for the production of a large batch of simple blanks, guillotine shears for metal are ideal. Rapid production of blanks using metal cutting is the most important service from our company. Do I need to cut the parts on the day of the request? In this case, the address was reached. Kerchiefs or individual mortgages will be prepared at the right time for you.

Use the help of professionals

The Metallenergo North-West company offers to quickly, competently and inexpensively perform custom-made separation of the metal sheet into parts of rectangular, square or triangular shape. Moreover, we accept orders and produce metal cutting according to template sizes or new drawings provided by customers or developed by our designers. Our company employs certified specialists who have received special training, thoroughly studied all the details of the process and regularly improve their skills. Therefore, all work is performed reliably and in accordance with accepted norms and standards. Hydraulic and electro-mechanical machines of domestic production are used for cutting by experienced skilled craftsmen. With their help, you can easily cut a rectangular metal sheet with a width of up to two and a half meters and a thickness of one and a half to twenty millimeters. We have been engaged in professional Metalworking for many years and have not only experience, but also an impeccable reputation. With the help of metal cutting with a guillotine, we can achieve the same high cut quality as with laser or plasma cutting (without crumpling the edges, forming burrs and notches).

You should pay attention to some features of the process of cutting sheet metal

Moreover, the quality indicator is also preserved when it is necessary to perform cutting of metal cloths with a polymer coating. In addition, thanks to the use of very sharp blades of guillotine shears and advanced technologies that ensure high speed and accuracy of cutting, we are able to carry out precise cutting of solid sheet steels, including the Hardox 400 wear-resistant brand. This material is a wear-resistant sheet steel with a hardness of HB 400, designed for conditions where there are special requirements for wear resistance in combination with good cold bending properties. HB 400 provides very good weldability. Given such good performance, Hardox 400 is widely used in mechanical engineering and is used in the production of crushers, Sievers, loading devices and measuring bins, buckets of excavators, trucks, dumpers, loaders and many others. For us, working with Hardox 400, and with harder sheet steels, seems to be easy and quick to implement, because we have a huge experience working with them. This operation, such as cutting sheet metal, is necessary for the production of various workpiece parts. The process is carried out using special equipment – mechanical or hydraulic guillotine shears. Such cutting is required in cases where further processing of these blanks is planned.

Cheap sheet metal cutting

In many cases, especially for mass production of blanks of simple shapes, it makes sense to use the cutting of metal cloths with a guillotine, and not with a laser or plasma. After all, the use of this cutting equipment when cutting material allows you to significantly reduce production costs, and the cost of one manufactured part is reduced to a minimum. There are several reasons that allow us to significantly reduce the cost of products obtained when cutting sheet metal with a guillotine:

  • Our Russian-made machines have a lower price compared to their imported counterparts;
  • The cutting technology used requires minimal costs (no costly preparatory stages);
  • The performance of guillotines is high compared to other types of cutting.

In addition, our metal cutting process is automated, starting from fixing the metal sheet on the desktop of the machine and ending with cutting the metal with a sharp blade across the entire width of the sheet. All work is done clearly and smoothly, which reduces the probability of getting a marriage to a minimum. Prices for cutting sheet metal are quite low due to the fact that we do not use expensive equipment. Work in this regard is simple and economical. And customers are happy with the cooperation. Note that our products are not inferior in quality to those made using laser or plasma cutting.

Advantages of cutting metal using guillotine shears:


Compared to laser or plasma cutting this is the most inexpensive method;

High accuracy and accuracy of the cut.

With the professional adjustment of the guillotine shears in accordance with the thickness of the metal sheet, a perfectly smooth and smooth cut is made, which does not require additional processing;

High speed of order completion.

Guillotine shears allow you to make a large batch of metal blanks of a simple geometric shape in a short time;

Automation of the process, which allows you to produce an unlimited number of metal cutting cycles according to a given template.

Cutting sheet metal with a guillotine is economical and convenientAlthough these indicators are rather important from the point of view of production profitability, there are also a number of advantages of sheet metal cutting for the customer. First, when precise tuning and calibration, it is possible to achieve high precision cutting. Secondly, when manufacturing the same type of parts with the same dimensions, cutting on the guillotine allows you to achieve good repeatability of parts. Of course, the quality of the cut can not be compared with laser or plasma cutting, but nevertheless, with constant maintenance of the guillotine and timely sharpening of its knives, you can get an acceptable and sufficient quality of manufactured parts. Finally, the financial factor is also important. Often, the cost of cutting metal on the guillotine is much lower than the cost of, for example, plasma cutting. Today, many companies offer such a service as cutting sheet metal. But you should order it only from professionals who can guarantee the quality of work. After all, poorly chopped metal may be unsuitable for further use. One of the advantages of our company is the ability to cut fairly thick sheet metal. We undertake to cut down a sheet up to 25 mm thick. Cutting is performed on machines of domestic production. We can provide an excellent cost for cutting Your workpieces. The cost directly depends on the thickness of the metal and the quantity. In any case, we will be able to fight for a good price! Send a request to the company "Nevskie Resursy", and make sure of the truth! Contact us for metal cutting operations. You will get:

High-quality cutting of black metal sheets

Sharpness of the sections. Regardless of the type of metal, our equipment is able to produce a high-precision cut with a clear edge, after which additional processing of the product will simply not be necessary;

Cutting in longitudinal and cross sections (thanks to the use of various knives);

Manufacturing of serial and single-piece billet – steel bars, rails and other metal parts.

In the technical Department, you can get advice on all issues, including the cost of products.

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