Welding is one of the best technologies for joining parts of metal structures.

Welded structures are used almost everywhere - in the construction of buildings and structures, pipelines, highways, as well as in other areas of production.

Types of welding joints

Most often, several types of welding joints are used.

These include:

Butt (end) connection: pipes or sheets are welded to each other with the ends.

A t-joint is the welding of two rectangular sheets, in which the short end of one of the sheets is welded butt-to-butt in the Central area of the long other sheet.

Overlap - used when welding sheets with a thickness of more than 10 mm. The connecting welding seam is laid on both sides. This slightly increases the production time and material consumption, but gives the joint the necessary strength

Corner joint-it welds the sheets at an angle relative to each other. Corner seams can be welded both inside and outside.


Welded structures have a number of advantages.

These include:

Cheap production. For welding operations, a relatively small amount of materials is required. Specific equipment is more than affordable and pays off quickly.

Speed. Welding operations can be performed in a short time. The result is a fairly strong welded joint.

Breadth of application. Welding makes it possible to produce metal structures of any shape and complexity.

Tightness of joints. The welding seam creates completely sealed connections. This is one of the best ways to create tanks and pipelines.

Production of welding works by the company "Metallenergo North-West".

MetallEnergo provides customers with the following welding services:

  • cutting pipes and metal structures
  • argon welding of metals of different classes

Welding works are performed by our specialists on professional equipment.

We work with all types of steels, aluminum alloys and other materials. In addition to electric welding, our company uses argon-arc welding. Using this type of welding allows our specialists to produce aesthetically attractive stairs and fences on individual projects.

The company's specialists perform welding operations with thin-walled elements of products of any profile, with a thickness of 0.5 mm.

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