Laser cutting

Metallenergo North-West production company has been successfully operating in the segment of laser metal cutting for more than twenty years. At the moment, our company is a large Metalworking center in the Leningrad region with the latest production and technical base. Our main focus is cutting metal sheets of various thicknesses and grades of steel (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.), processing round and rectangular pipes on laser machines.

Features of laser cutting

In modern conditions, laser cutting is a high-tech, ultra-precise and very productive method of complex metal sheet cutting, which makes it possible to produce various parts with any curly contour.

Laser cutting of metal allows you to get a number of valuable technological advantages, makes it possible to cut the sheet on any complex contour. The part manufactured on our equipment has a perfect metallurgical cutting line, which does not need additional machining. Due to the high speed of the laser cutting process of the metal sheet surface, productivity is significantly increased. The maximum focus of the laser beam allows you to optimize the cutting of metal sheets and significantly reduce the amount of waste generated during the metal cutting process.

Production of laser cutting of metal

Our extensive experience in the field of sheet metal cutting has enabled us to form a service team consisting of highly qualified professionals for prompt maintenance and Troubleshooting of production equipment 24 hours a day.

Equipment of the company «Metallenergo North-West»

Thanks to the use of high-tech machines from the leading company in the field of Metalworking equipment production, Trumpf, we are ready to offer metal cutting services of common brands - black sheet steel, aluminum, brass, copper, galvanized sheet, cutting stainless steel and other materials at the highest professional level. The dimensions of the working table of laser machines are 1500 x 3000 mm.

Our company provides laser cutting services for metal of various grades and sheet thickness: black steel up to 25.0 mm; stainless steel up to 15.0 mm; carbon steel 16.0 mm; aluminum 10.0 mm; copper; brass. Finished products undergo multi-stage output quality control.

Customers in the Moscow region have very high requirements for Metalworking services and, in particular, laser cutting of metal. Metallenergo North-West offers services for laser cutting of metal, cutting stainless steel and aluminum at the most modern level to the rapidly developing megalopolis.

Continuous and purposeful improvement of the quality of our Metalworking services, the accumulation of a significant amount of knowledge and experience, give the company the opportunity to take a leading position in the field of sheet cutting, pipes and other types of metal processing. Metal cutting on laser complexes is carried out in our company at prices that are interesting for customers and, in most cases, is a calculated value that directly depends on the total volume of the order, the estimated time of its completion and a number of other nuances.

Send your technical task and our managers will soon tell you the terms and cost of completing your task.

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