Metal bending

Sheet metal has a very large scope of application. Currently, sheet metal products are found everywhere, since its main advantages are high strength and reliability.

Seamless, free of minor defects, sheet metal is much stronger and more reliable.

Metallenergo North-West company provides a large list of services for metal Bending in St. PETERSBURG on a modern sheet bending press.

Metal bending technology

Metal bending is a complex technological process, the essence of which is to give the metal billet the desired shape set by the drawing. This technology of processing metal workpieces allows you to do without welding machines, providing a single seamless metal structure and significantly increases its anti-corrosion resistance.

In addition, metal Bending gives high accuracy of the geometry of parts.

Previously, the bending of metal workpieces was a heavy manual method and mechanical vises and locksmith tools were used for its performance. In modern production, specific high-precision bending presses are used for metal bending. There are basic ways to Bend metal:

  • Cold bending of metal
  • Hot metal bending
  • Cold bending of metal

Cold bending of metal is a special technology of metal processing under pressure. This widely used technology is used in the manufacture of sheet structures, pipeline parts, blast furnaces, gas pipelines, tank gas holders, silos, bunkers, monorails and bent profiles. This method is effective both for processing products of small and large thickness.

Hot metal bending

Hot bending of metal is used in the case of creating products and elements that are subject to dynamic and vibrational loads, in which the formation of a rivet is unacceptable, as well as in the case of bending products made of high-quality steels and duralumin. Modern companies also use the annealing of the metal. Metal annealing is a special thermal operation performed before cold bending. Directly at the moment of annealing, the hardness of the metal decreases, making the material more flexible, which makes it easier to cold bend.

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Our company provides professional services for bending sheet metal, any specific parts and structures.

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