Power line configuration

Company "Metallenergo North-West" invites You to cooperate, and is always ready to offer its services in the production of metal structures for power lines. Our company with great confidence can guarantee you the lowest prices for products and the shortest time to complete the order.

With the help of innovative technologies, we have managed to establish effective processing of rolled metal, and we offer our customers the highest quality goods that meet all the necessary and modern standards.

The company "Metallopro Northwest" was established in April 2010. Initially, the company focused on highly qualified personnel and the use of the latest high-tech equipment. And this has produced results in the high quality of products and services provided by our company. Due to the rapid development of the market for metal structures for power lines, the company opened a second plant in the Leningrad region in 2012.

Optimal production processes of our company ensure not only high quality of the required product, but also significantly reduce the cost of its serial production. The staff of the production works on a permanent basis. Our company employs only the most qualified employees with the highest level of professionalism. All welding operations are performed by high-level specialists certified by NAKS (National welding control Agency).

The company works only with reliable suppliers of the metal. All metal shipments that come to the company are carefully monitored using ultrasonic flaw detection equipment. Welding of all parts of metal structures of power lines is performed by welding semiautomatic machines of the EWM brand in a protective welding environment.

The quality of all welding joints meets the requirements of GOST. All manufactured products are subjected to anti-corrosion priming with special compositions, and if necessary, painted. Before painting, the product is shot-blasted and decontaminated. All manufactured products undergo complete and thorough quality control for compliance with the project drawings, and for the quality of connections. Finished products are stored in a warehouse. After completing the order, the product is shipped to the customer within the specified time by the transport service Metallenergo North-West, or by the customer's transport. The company's managers will arrange delivery of power line metal structures to the installation site.

Since November 13, 2015, we have been working in 2 shifts. You can safely carry out orders of any complexity with us, knowing that they will be completed efficiently and on time.

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