Development of KMD

The most important phase of creating metal structures is considered to be the development of technical documentation. Designing is a complex and time-consuming process, and it consists of no less interesting stages, which we have listed below.

Stages of development of technical documentation for the KMD

The stages of development of KMD drawings are as follows:

The first stage is creating General architectural drawings. Various variations of metal structures and their selection are developed here. Based on the complexity of metal structures, additional optimizations and calculations may be necessary.

Development of KMD drawings is a detailed study of metal structures. This is an important stage because the manufactured parts must fully comply with the approved parameters. Only in this case will you be sure that these details are allowed to be used without additional measurement measures.

Specifics of creating KMD drawings

In order to perform these tasks efficiently, special SOFTWARE is usually used. Thanks to the rapid development of modern technologies, we are able to significantly improve the quality and reduce the time to create technical documentation. Therefore, in order for the result of drawing development to be not only satisfactory, but high-quality, both specialists with certain qualifications and the necessary equipment will be required. The demand for creating KMD drawings is closely related to the customer's need to reduce the cost per square meter of construction. Since metal structures are the most common component in the construction of structures, there is a need to optimize the measures for their production. A suitable option for optimizing the production process is the production of metal structures according to drawings.

Order the development of KMD in Saint Petersburg

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